Adopted a kitten from the Animal Assistance Society. She is doing very well and getting to be quite the wild woman.

Khaleesi . Wild woman



Bye YAH BOGAN! Kirsten is off to STRAYA. Have fun with the koalas and pretty boys  IMG_0917

Graeme Dargavel
The Sommelier himself, Graeme Dargavel
Victoria Vann
The wine drinker herself, Victoria Vann
a beauty fall day, Photo credit: Laura Graham


Victoria Vann, horses
Victoria Vann, horses
Victoria Vann
wink 😉 Victoria Vann

taking in the last bit of summer


From NOTL to the (green dot) all the way to London and back to NOTL in a day, just to get a pick up truck. IMG_0678IMG_0689 IMG_0695 IMG_0707 IMG_0710


BIT by a Horse…pretty nasty and someone needs discipline and it isn’t me for once.

Decew Falls 

  • Laura Graham
    Laura Graham

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    Victoria Vann

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  • So Saturday Sept. 20th 2014. Laura and I decided to go on a hike down to Decew Falls where I had been once before. I knew it was a bit intense, but only planned on going for a couple hours and then out for a late lunch after. The way we went down was the same as the time I had gone before, which was the huge fallen tree thats located somewhere between the 2nd falls and the rope swing. After having an amazing hike to the large waterfall, we were getting hungry and decided to head back after we were done exploring. As we continued back, we decided to skip the area with the ropes to climb up that I did last time because it was very wet a slick. Continuing, we remembered that we want to go another way on the way back by the 2nd set of falls because it was very steep and if you slipped you would be screwed. This is when we decided to go up around the top of this area. We found ourselves climbing along this skinny path that was starting to diminish as we went further. Going across areas with no trees, roots, rocks or anything to grab onto we wished we turned back sooner. We could see an opening in the rock formations up top and carefully tried to get up there, but the rocks kept slipping and we could not reach the area we wanted to go. At this point we started to turn back, and after both slipping down on what was mud and pebbles, we took a break and grabbed onto a tree and took a rest. We realized how steep we were and what would happen if we let go of the tree that was hanging us on the edge of this large bank. We did not see any other hikers and the sun was going down, so we tried to move in different directions. Nothing was working, and nothing was near safe. One slip and we would tumble far down the side of this cliff and hit the rocks. Laura and I were weak and after contemplating for a while, we finally called the Fire Department for help. When they arrived, they stood at the top looking down at us and wondering how to get to where we were. Two rescuers ending up coming down to the river and climbing up to the area where we were stuck but could not get to us. Now for another plan? After a while a Rescuer had to repel over the top the cliff and harness us so that we eventually repelled down. (Attempting to put on the harness showed how weak I was at this point ) We had been there is 2:00 pm and it was now after 7:00pm and getting dark. Apologizes were given and we were so happy we decided to call, after we found out that the spot we were in was the trap…and other people have been rescued from there before.  LESSONS LEARNED . Now we know about the rope swing and thats where I will be going next time.